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Replacing windows

Tips for Replacing Windows

Windows let sunlight into your home and add plenty of character to every room. If you are noticing a draft, condensation around the window, or rattling sounds from the window, it’s time to replace them. HomeTown Remodeling has plenty of options for window replacements including a selection of energy-saving windows. Here are a few tips for replacing windows.


Windows don’t last forever, even though we wish they would. But how do you know when it’s time to replace them? If you notice a gap between the window and the frame or if they’re difficult to open and close, then it is time to replace windows. If you are experiencing high energy bills then this may indicate the windows are inefficient and should be replaced as well. If you feel a draft or if there is condensation on the window, chances are you are losing energy and throwing money out the window and HomeTown Remodeling offers windows with the highest industry standard when it comes to air leakage.


If you are ready to replace your windows, the next step is to determine what types of windows are best for your home. Windows need to complement both the exterior and interior of your home so it’s important to choose a replacement window that fits your style and needs. If you need help selecting the right style for your home, call HomeTown Remodeling for excellent service and the perfect window for your home.


Did you know almost 70% of energy escapes through windows or doors? If you notice your monthly utility bills are getting higher, it’s time to replace the windows with an energy-efficient window. If you are looking to lose less heat during cooler months, choose a window with a lower U-value. If you are looking to keep your home cooler during the warm months, choose a window with a low SHG (solar heat gain) number. Quality is an important choice to make in your purchase of replacement energy-saving windows and HomeTown Remodeling has any style of window for you to choose from.


For all your window replacement, energy-saving windows, and window installation services, call HomeTown Remodeling at 757-426-0920 or visit our website to learn more.


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