5 Advantages Pro Siding Installation

5 Advantages of Professional Siding Installation

Do-it-yourself projects are very popular these days for just about everything. The amount of information available online allows anyone to start projects on their own with almost everything including home improvements. One home improvement that is better to be handled by a professional is exterior siding installation and trim installation. HomeTown Remodeling explains why.


  1. Proper Tools for the Job

If you’ve never installed siding before, chances are you don’t have the proper tools on hand. You will buy a new set and use them once for the job at hand, then put them away in storage. Instead, hiring a professional can eliminate that.


  1. Expert Recommendations

Learning from information online can result in a ton of wasted time and energy. You risk choosing the wrong siding option and having to learn as you go. Instead, a professional from HomeTown Remodeling can give you expert advice on siding options that matches your needs.


  1. License and Insured

By hiring a contractor who has a license ensures that the installation will comply with all building codes in your area. They will get building permits quickly which saves you time and not worry about getting involved in the legwork. The insurance will give you the protection against liability for any property damage or injuries.


  1. Legal Protection

A signed contract between you and the siding contractor is your legally-binding guarantee. This means the project to replace siding will be finished on a specified date, with the quality and satisfaction as promised.


  1. Variety of Trim and Siding Options

HomeTown Remodeling carries and installs the largest selection of siding in Hampton Roads, Virginia. As a siding contractor, we install vinyl siding, trim wrap, fiber cement siding, cedar shake siding, cultured stone, brick, and more. We have a siding for every style and budget.


If you want your house to look like a castle or just keep it simple, contact HomeTown Remodeling. Our team is can remodel kitchens & bathrooms and also renovate your house from top to bottom with energy saving replacement windows, attic insulation as well as new roofs and gutters. Call us today at 757-426-0920 or visit our website to learn more.


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