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Prevent Frost On Your Car or Truck Windshield – Save Time

Are you tired of this winter weather yet? Are you tired of scraping your windshield in the morning? Here is a cool solution. If you leave a towel or rag on your windshield overnight, the frost forms the towels. Then you pull the towels off in the morning and your windshield is frost free.

Wet Shoes?


Are your shoes soaked from this wonderful weather we are having? Try this nifty trick! I don’t have a drying rack for my dryer, so I put my shoes on the door. The door will hold the laces, therefore holding the shoes in place. “Disclaimer” I’m sure this will not work on all dryers so be careful. Most flat faced doors work the best, and don’t put the laces where the door locks. I suggest using lower heat or delicate settings for some shoes.

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